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Most people think of April when they think of tax season, but we are here to advocate that you should make a point to complete your tax return in March. Many things in life come down to timing, and tax returns are no exception. Wait too long, and you could miss the filing deadline, setting you up for interest charges or even penalties. Leaving plenty of time means you won’t be scrabbling around to find receipts and pull together the necessary financial information at the final hour.

There’s so much paperwork. So many numbers. And it can be overwhelming. But if you give yourself time to do your taxes, rather than just throwing everything together at the last minute, the process becomes less stressful.


If the idea of sitting down and doing your taxes from start to finish makes you cringe, we recommend breaking the project down into smaller pieces. After all, you’re getting started early, so you have time!

As a small business entrepreneur, you must be pre-occupied, leaving you with very less time to maintain a record of your finances, invoice your clients, put together annual financial reports and remain on top of your taxes. You may have to prepare taxes on time, or perhaps handle your employees' payroll. This is where our small business accounting services come in handy. Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc. is a virtual bookkeeping company offers small businesses with personalized accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and financial reporting services intended to fulfill their individual requirements. We incorporate professional advice and world-class customer support seamlessly with the simplicity, control, and satisfaction obtained through our top-notch accounting solutions.

At Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc. our online accounting/bookkeeping services are custom designed for:

  1. Startups and small businesses that don’t have the time to manage their accounts on their own.

  2. Entrepreneurs and businesses that have just started out and can’t afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper.

  3. Businesses that already have a bookkeeper but aren’t satisfied with their current performance.

  4. Businesses facing turnover issues when it comes to bookkeeping – which means they have to keep hiring a new professional every time the tax deadline is looming near and then go through the hassle of training them from scratch.

  5. CPA, Accounting firms or bookkeepers looking for professional back office support.

Get In Touch With Us For Our Services!

We don’t just say it, we deliver – our work speaks for us! Contact us for a demo and opt for Our Online Bookkeeping Service for as low as $199 per month.


Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc.

5000 Birch St., West Tower Suite 3000

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Tel: (909) 952-3804

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