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Cloud Bookkeeping to run your business Smoothly

Bookkeeping For Doctors And Dental Clinics

As a professional dentist, you’ve got your hands full managing the ongoing dental needs of your growing client base. But, like any business, dental clinics require strict bookkeeping practices in order to thrive financially. Rather than spending your valuable time keeping your practice’s books, why not outsource your bookkeeping and save money.


Properly done dental bookkeeping gives you a clear picture of your business’ financial health. It helps you with business decisions, helps you maximize your profits by highlighting the areas your business needs improvement on, saves you on taxes by ensuring you don’t miss out on deductions. You save on costs you pay to your CPA to do your taxes. 

Our bookkeeping and accounting services include:


  • Organizing your books and fixing any mistakes we find

  • Maintaining CPA-ready books

  • Full accrual / cash accounting

  • Balance sheet & cash flow statement review

  • Monthly, quarterly & annual reporting packages

  • Getting your office set up in QuickBooks Online

  • Accurate client billing and collections calls

  • Check writing and staying on top of payables

  • Payroll administration and employer tax withholding

  • Financial reporting


Bookkeeping For Construction & Contractors

The construction industry presents a particular challenge for bookkeepers due to highly complex accounting rules and tax regulations. Most bookkeepers are unfamiliar with the journal entries and payment applications construction companies and home remodelers need to keep track of.


Many general contractors and construction firms struggle with the day-to-day process of estimating, job costing, and invoicing. Our team provides a bookkeeping service tailored around the needs of your business. We can get you set up and trained in both Xero and QuickBooks or take over your bookkeeping entirely depending on the level of support you need. We also offer consulting to help business owners and contractors achieve their goals. Services we provide to general contractors & construction companies include:


  • Business operational reviews & assessments

  • Job estimating & costing

  • Payroll services for contractors

  • Succession planning

  • Tax reporting

  • Cash flow analysis & management

  • Check writing & collections calls

  • QuickBooks™ and Xero cleanup and/or setup

  • Fixed asset accounting & depreciation

  • Budgeting & financial modeling

  • Consulting & strategy

  • Financial reporting

Bookkeeping For Restaurants & Cafes

Your restaurant is busy – leaving you little time for bookkeeping. Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc. will track your revenue, manage your expenses and help you make smart financial decisions. Bookkeeping Service for Restaurants is a very complex process. Running a successful restaurant can be taxing as the day to day operations can be taxing for an individual. Bookkeeping service for restaurants is crucial as even a slight delay in maintenance of book of accounts can cause the restaurant owner heavily.

Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc uses extensive measures to make sure the bookkeeping services for restaurants is accurate and efficient. Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc will:​

  • Record all your sales & other business transactions so your books are always accurate 

  • Verify that all your expected sales receipts, both cash and merchant deposits

  • Ensure payroll costs, including bonuses & incentives, are recorded each pay period

  • Provide you insight into your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

  • You can understand your profit margins and adjust pricing accordingly

  • Detailed financial reports that provide an overview of your restaurant’s financial health

  • Ensure all your restaurant’s expenses are properly categorized

  • Help you manage your cash-flow by recording sales and other business transactions 

  • Get you ready for tax season by making sure all your business expenses are recorded 

  • Provide you in-depth reports that detail your restaurant’s financial performance


Bookkeeping Services for Truckers & Carriers

Most small trucking businesses still use spreadsheets, ledgers, and file drawers while managing their financials. Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc. helps truck drivers and independent trucking companies with their daily business accounting needs, basic HR services and business management consulting for a more profitable operation.


We make it easy for transportation industry professionals to see and understand the current financial health of their business. We work closely with various companies that help and promote the success of truckers and transportation companies by providing discounted rates for services and products.


  • Online accounting software setup & training

  • Weekly upload of Bank transactions into Xero or QB

  • Weekly matching accounts to proper expenses account

  • Monthly Reconciliation

  • Monthly Profit & Loss statements and Balance sheet reports

  • Organize receipts and save in the cloud (DropBox)

  • Track Fuel expense

  • Accounts payable and driver pay review and processing

  • Payroll administration & other basic HR services

  • Financial reporting

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