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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services For Restaurants - Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc.

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Your restaurant is busy – leaving you little time for bookkeeping. Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc. will track your revenue, manage your expenses and help you make smart financial decisions.

Bookkeeping solutions for quick-service, fast casual & fine dining restaurants, as well as specialty shops & more.

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Bookkeeping Service for Restaurants is a very complex process. Running a successful restaurant can be taxing as the day to day operations can be taxing for an individual. Bookkeeping service for restaurants is crucial as even a slight delay in maintenance of book of accounts can cause the restaurant owner heavily.

Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc uses extensive measures to make sure the bookkeeping services for restaurants is accurate and efficient.

Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc will:

  • Provide you with a bookkeeper who’s an expert in quick-service restaurants and will set up a restaurant-specific general ledger

  • Record all your sales and other business transactions so your books are always accurate and up to date

  • Verify that all your expected sales receipts, both cash and merchant deposits, are received by the bank

  • Ensure payroll costs, including bonuses and other incentives, are recorded each pay period

  • Provide you insight into your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) so you understand your profit margins and adjust pricing accordingly

  • Send you detailed financial reports that provide an overview of your restaurant’s financial health

  • Ensure all your restaurant’s expenses are properly categorized so you’re completely prepared for your tax filing

  • Manage your payroll and track your employees’ withholding's and accrued benefits

  • Perform frequent bank reconciliations so you understand your restaurant’s cash-flow

  • Help you manage your cash-flow by recording sales and other business transactions on a regular basis

  • Recommend financial technology that can help your restaurant operate more efficiently

  • Get you ready for tax season by making sure all your business expenses are recorded and categorized correctly throughout the year

  • Provide you in-depth reports that detail your restaurant’s financial performance

Our Expert Team Provide Special Attention To:

Recording Sales: As a restaurant runs on daily sales, keeping a daily sales journal is imperative for the restaurants owners. Credit card transactions instantly hit the bank however cash transactions need to be deposited in the bank as well. A delay in depositing cash has to then be maintained in the books of accounts as on the day of the transaction. Our expert bookkeeping service team assists restaurants owners in maintaining their sales ledger to avoid error in accounting.

Accounts Payable: As managers of restaurants are busy with attending customers, the invoices that need to be paid get a second priority. This slack results in late payments and discrepancies. Our bookkeeping experts prepare a systematic approach to make sure regular invoices and unforeseen expenses are duly recorded and paid on time.

Payroll: Payroll Processing is a major pain area for restaurant owners. Our payroll processing and bookkeeping service team assists in safe and secure data migration to a cloud book keeping software.

Reconciliation: It is an elemental function for the hospitality industry to have all their bank accounts and records with credit cards, loans, payroll liabilities and lines of credit reconciled on time. Our bookkeeping service has a special feature of flash reporting in case of malicious activities noticed in your bank accounts.

Financial Reporting: Food and Beverage industry works with a very tight profit margin. In the absence of financial reporting running a restaurant can invite unnecessary loop holes in the accounting system. Our bookkeeping service team gives insights on the basis of costs incurred versus profits earned after careful analysis of total sales against overhead costs.

Cloud Bookkeeping, Inc. service professionals understand the financial challenges faced by restaurant industry. Customized book keeping solutions are designed specifically to suit the bookkeeping needs of restaurants and hotels.

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